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Monday, October 27th, 2003
5:05 pm
for those of you who have not picked up on this, my new journal is xkatxsaysxnox

k? add me <3
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Thursday, September 4th, 2003
11:20 am
i dunno ...?

man my heart just kinda jumped in my stomach for a sec
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Thursday, August 21st, 2003
10:56 am
i miss you old journal <3

maybe you will be the new private journal, yes i think maybe
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Saturday, July 26th, 2003
1:19 am
i am a little bit sad

oh gross how mushy and barfy

hey there bug get off my computer screen
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Friday, July 18th, 2003
1:38 am - :)

today we went to albertsons

i pretended to be french, they all beleived me, sarah and rachs friends that is

aww i love sarah and rach, and our bachelor of the year dp, i hope he remembers us little people, heck, id be extremely happy to marry barchelor of the year
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Monday, June 23rd, 2003
2:39 pm
woohoo 125!

katie found a worm in her quesadilla, she should sue

giggles, kinda funny
Lets do it

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1:42 am - yay, not
today was relaxing

me= toooooo many taquitos

ugh i hate migranes
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Saturday, June 21st, 2003
11:39 pm - hmmm
katie is blackmailing me because im on the internet and she wants on

im going to put spiders in her bed
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6:54 pm - yes, i shall go down in history as the man who opened a door
i think everyone hates me

oh well who needs friends

i take it back, i KNOW everyone dislikes me, and some people really hate me

i feel very fat, shouldve taken the m&ms out of the trail mix, i ruined my diet
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9:33 am - ahhhhh nice 12 hours of sleep exactly
i went to bed at nine something last night, how..... weird lol, sarah was blown away

i have lots to do today, ots and lots, my parents didnt wake me up for church, maybe they went to early service, oh well, after yesterday i dont think i could handle being with my family for ten more minutes

KELLI-- that was the BEST COMMENT EVER, I LOVEEEEEEEE YOU >>SO MUCH!<< i will always be here to give you advice, you can call me whenever you want, or i will just call you on the cell, or just write me an email about it, i didnt know you needed my advice??? haha you must be the only one that likes it

okay so yesterday, it was all starting out so wonderful, i woke up, got a shower and got ready to go, having a great hair day, had a cute outfit on, felt all summery. then i went to walmart and got all this stuff dove, tampons(the realllly nice kind girls you know what im talking about!), and all this fun makeupy girly stuff, plus i got sheer blond products so my hair will stay healthy, i really needed them. then after all this we go to the pool place and to gabbys, i saw brooke turner at gabbys, i really like her, shes so beautiful and sweet, what a nice girl. then in the pool place i saw david cobb, who i have not seen in literally four years, he looks exactly the same, it was wonderful, we were totally like confidants in 8th grade and told eachother everythiung, his girlfriend always got mad and thought we were dating... oh the days of 8th grade. well then i was ready to go have a good time at the blueberry festival, but somebody decided they are going to go have fun the night before, and hurt their wrist, and ect and ect and they cant go, will they try to make it up to me....... no. that made me kinda mad. well i decide to go to this blueberry festival by myself with my family, NOT A GOOD IDEA. my dad just happened to be in a worse mood then usual so he yelled at me the entire time. even my mom had to tell him the first thing he does when he gets in a bad mood is yell at me, i dont understand it, its like he hates me the most or something, oh well, i just dont like him, i dont go out of my way to be mean. well katie and parker dont like him either, but they just wont vocalize it to him, which i think is soooo funny. so i walked aroudn the birlstering hott blueberry festival, and there was lots of people, and it was very hot. this boy came up to me and was like "how old are you , me and my friend had a bet going on" he thought i was nineteen, sucker. then he tlkaed to me for a while and wanted me to go with them on this train ride, i didnt think that was such a good idea but i had to meet my parents so it was okay. then i was waiting for my rents and this other guy is all hey how are you doing, oh i thought you were someone i knew, then he introduced himself and katie came up and tried to pretend shes a lesbian on me... figures. he was cute, but wow was he a big huge idiot, but i guess he was nice. all these other boys kept say hey how you doin..... it was weird. so we go get parkers guitar on the way back in this bad part of downtown pcola... oh my and i was cold like nothing else so i waited outside. this guy drove by and rolled his windowns down and whistled, i didnt like that so i ran inside. ugh. my mom said why dont you just be greateful you are so attractive, i was like huh? what on earth does that have to do with someone whistling at you, i didnt like it. so basically it was a day full of mean dad. about six hours worth, i will never do that again, ever.

on the bright side i got rach a great present for her bday! i have LOADS to do today so i better go get started, lol, muah much love to all

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Friday, June 20th, 2003
9:38 pm
i will write about all of today monday, i promise, im too tired, too much food for me in a day, plus i only had one pill with my ice cream, two from now on, thats a promise
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1:06 am - corrin wagner is my hero
see now, i love being mean, its just so darn fun, i cant help it, it just, it makes my day, stupid people particularly incite it, i dont know why

i cant sleep, my teeth hurt

hi sarah, i didnt make awful mean joke on you, not i, rach just told me about it, no way would i do that, i love you rach and sarah!.... and kendall!
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Thursday, June 19th, 2003
10:34 am - grr
its sunny outside, but only for ten seconds at a time cuz its so couldy, thats irritating, how am i supposed to get a tan, huh?

we ordered my bathing suit last night! im so excited!!!! omg its too cute, you guys will like it! i had to get an XS, i hope it fits, but thats what the size chart said so we will see. i need to lose more weight definitely, that would probably make me look a bit better in it, i might go running today, i doubt it will happen, id rather just work out, but i hear strength training two days in a row is not as good as every other day with cardio, bah, how irritating. ill figure something out, its just so darn hot outside, maybe some yoga.

mmm chocolate soy milk and fruit for breakfast, yum yum.

so i dont understand why i get paid for babysitting, the comedy in it, oh its so funny.

cole(little boy im sitting, hes like four, is in the BR):lauren i need more tp
lauren: okay here ya go, and brings him baby wipes
cole:lauren can you wipe for me
lauren: ummm cant you wipe yourself
lauren: are you sure?
cole:well i can but i just dont feel like it
lauren: sorry buddy well i cant help ya there
(big long conversation cole do you want to be a big boy, your mommys not gonna be very happy...)
lauren: dying of laughter...... well i hope you wipe your bottom, you might smell funny>?
cole: i just dont feel like it!
lauren: well you can sit here all day then
(now benjamin the two year old walks in and starts to cry, i hand him a baby wipe to shut him up)
benjamin: asdfkjiwoejr n fdsjkfjieowja fsdnkl (he cant talk isnt that cute?!?)

so benjamin takes the baby wipes and goes to help wipe cole, he knows what hes doing, and this makes cole SO mad, and bejamin thinks this is hillarious! so he starts to rub coles face with it, oh man it was wonderful..... sorry you had to go through that, i just really thought it was funny.

i love being home alone, darn that it all ends today, this lady says im her fav babysitter, and she needs me to sit all this month, yes! monay monay for me, i made so much yesterday just sitting on the couch reading, they WANTED to watch a movie!

oh that makes me happy

ooooh i think ill go jump rope
Lets do it

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Wednesday, June 18th, 2003
12:13 pm - OH OH OH
OH MAN I WORKED OUT TODAY! i know crazy, crazy madness crazy, i lauren asmus worked out.... gasp.... my butt is really sore now, so are my legs, and my abs a little

i only ate fruit too! woohoo woohoo

my teeth still hurt....YAY i get to babysit ! wooop woop woop!monay for me

somebody be proud, i worked out?!?!

why do my "friends" keep saying these mean things, like calling me shallow and saying my problems arent important, i dont know if i like that much....what kind of friends do i have, sheesh, i love you still feick
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Tuesday, June 17th, 2003
11:42 pm - hahaha chuckle laugh giggle... kellis sister is getting married
yourockbabe: just to point this out to you
yourockbabe: so you will totally be grossed out
yourockbabe: in a month
yourockbabe: your sister is gonna have sex!
kdbfrog: ewww
kdbfrog: i'm no longer talking to you
yourockbabe: lots of sex
yourockbabe: lots and lots
yourockbabe: hahaha oh i love it
kdbfrog: i hate you!!!!
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10:45 pm - oh man oh man
okay God is SO wonderful

i hate those days, where you are so mad, you cant even begin to get mad because youre just so frusterated, so i start to clean, well, and i ran out of things to clean, yeah thats how much i cleaned..... so i was taking the trash and out it wasnt a get yelled at cry day, but the stars were there, just for me, and .... a frog, yes..... i frog, ive missed them, they are so cute

ahh what a great day, kelli i cant wait to see you, you too rach! i need help throwing kelli a partay, you beat me at that by far
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5:24 pm

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12:58 pm - okay for all you wisdom teeth people
my top wisdom tooth hurts really bad, like its making the gum hurt, kinda like when youre gonna lose one, is that good? please say its GOOD
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Monday, June 16th, 2003
5:04 pm - i feel so copycat, guess who you are?!
1. jiffy... need i say more... no more coffee for us, nope, we gotta stop being so alike

2. ya big meany, its okay you apologized, im too pretty for chemistry, so are you

3. lets paint toe nails

4. you dont have a livejournal but i dont care, im sorry i ate all your twizzlers, ill make you some

5. my rescuer when my brother is NASTY

6. you dont have a livejournal either... seven days... very amish

7. you didnt used to say bad words, i dont like that, but you can still come over and eat pineapple pizza with me and watch premium blend, if you have time for your old friends that is

8. you are my favorite

9. youre the prettiest boy i have ever seen, and i like to smack your butt

10. i wish i could wear jeans that small, is that a camera in your pocket or are you just happy to see me, youre so pretty

11. even better... you have a cell phone in your pocket, no im just happy to see you

12. if you say you are horny ever again and i am near you, i will do more than sit in someone elses lap

13. i like your mom, shes nice, i think sleeping on your tile floor was the best thing i ever did when i didnt feel good

14. if i were me, i would date me, and i totally mean that... oh the things i say say to people

15. who else would i let be my swimsuit photographer in the middle of downtown pcola?

16. haha gradnma likes me the best, oh and, this goes out to everyone, only i am allowed to love grandma, melissa says so... testosterone please

17. you are hott, you need to work at wendys again, i never see you, i like to leave nice comments on your journal, dont tell anyone how horny i am

18. giggles, you said im a perdy lady, that automatically makes you like super duper cool, if i was gonna have sex, it would be with you for sure

19. im hott i know, its getting hot in here, i know i know, curly hair rocks the as you would say" hizzouse" shudders... i hate that talk

20. im sorry i didnt bring you a cheeseburger too, how was i supposed to know i was gonna meet you
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3:06 pm - in the words of a very wise man by the name of clay terry
i am about to girate some irateness, but ill keep it to myself

we all change, the measure of a true friend is someone that sticks with you through it, those are the people that are meant to stay there, if they leave, then why force it, love is unconditional, especially with your friends

we all screw up, its part of life

melissa i have concluded this, see, you are a big jerk magnet, and i.... im just a jerk..... no wonder we are friends lol
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